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Woman shocked to discover what is lurking in her mattress

A British woman was horrified to discover what was lurking in her bed sheets, moments after confessing she only changes her linen once every three weeks or sometimes four “when things are hectic”.

Karen Aldridge, from Birmingham, has come under fire after appearing on iTV’s This Morning and letting consumer expert Alice Beer into her home to inspect her dirty mattress for dirt and bed bugs.

Beer called in a Rentokil expert to vacuum her mattress with a special machine, revealing a bucket of murky water full of dust mites, sweat and skin cells.

Horrified, Aldridge said: “That is just shocking, absolutely shocking. I can’t believe how much dirt was in there.”

She said she and her husband had owned their mattress for just three years but her son had been sleeping on his for 12 years. A closer examination of his bedding revealed a similar result.

Those watching at home were equally disgusted, many taking to social media, calling her “lazy” and a “dirty cow”.

However, Rentokil expert Luke Rutterwood said it was “not something to be ashamed of” but “just the reality of what lives inside a mattress”.

“Obviously in a bed you’re going to find swear, you’re going to find dead skincells, there is going to be bacteria.

“One of the issues we have are dust mites. They are only tiny between one to 1.5mm and they can move down beneath the bedding and get into the mattress itself.”

Rutterwood advised viewers to vacuum their beds regularly, air out mattresses by opening windows and washing sheets on a hot temperature.

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