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Are Budget Vacuums Good for Cleaning Carpet?

If you are in the market for a new vacuum cleaner you may ask yourself the question are budget vacuums good for cleaning carpet? You are not alone here many home owners face this dilemma at some point in time.

There are many high-end vacuums available in the market most of which do an excellent job on your carpets but most potential buyers find it hard to justify such an expense.

In response to this the market is awash with vacuums with different prices from the cheapest to the most expensive. Irrespective of your budget you can find a vacuum cleaner that doesn’t break the bank.

Clean Carpets Are Essential

Poorly cleaned carpets are not just an eyesore but can be a health hazard too. A good vacuum cleaner should be able to perform its core functions by getting rid of the dirt, stains, hair and any other irritations from the carpet. Can budget vacuums cope with all of these?

Dirty stain on carpet

Dirty stain on carpet

Cheaper vacuum cleaners can be just as good as the expensive models. This is good news if you are thinking of buying a cheaper vacuum cleaner. Contrary to what some people think budget vacuums can actually deliver excellent results on your carpets.

All budget vacuums do not look or function the same. You will find variations on the features across different brands and models and price ranges. For instance some vacuums will come with features like carpet height adjustments, wind tunnel technology, multi-level filtration and filters for removing allergens.

This last feature is mostly found in the more expensive vacuums and serves a critical role of clearing the air of smoke, dust and mold which if not removed can lead to allergy related complications.

However you will still find budget vacuums that have this and other vital features. Always ensure you are absolutely certain the cheaper vacuum you intend to buy has the essential features you need.

What Attachments Do You Need?

One thing you will notice with high-end vacuums is they often have many attachments. While there is nothing wrong with having attachments the major consideration is whether you need all those attachments in the first place.

Vacuum cleaner attachments

Vacuum cleaner attachments

Budget vacuums in general have much fewer attachments compared to the high-end cleaners. Having fewer attachments has a number of benefits. It is easier to assemble and disassemble the device and with fewer attachments you will have fewer components to repair and maintain.

Limited attachments should not stop you from buying a budget vacuum. The secret is to identify a budget model that has only the necessary attachments you need. You will be pleasantly surprised to learn even a simple vacuum cleaner with minimal attachments can perform just as well as a high-end machine.

Built To Last?

There is one major advantage higher priced vacuums have over their budget counterparts. The more expensive models generally last longer than the cheaper ones. The secret behind this is the fact that expensive vacuums are made using long lasting materials. These materials will easily withstand the knocks and bumps of your floor and carpet.

In addition technology used to assemble high-end machines makes them more durable than their cheaper competitors. However even a high priced vacuum’s lifespan will ultimately depend on how you handle the device. Its high price will not prevent it from breaking down and becoming irreparable if it is not looked after correctly.

The lifespan of your budget vacuum will also depend on how you look after it. The material used to make the cheaper vacuums may not be as durable. By treating the inexpensive device with care and carrying out regular repair and maintenance you will be surprised at just how long it will last.

Wide Range Of Prices

Vacuums come in a wide range of prices. High end vacuums can cost upwards of $1000. Below this category are the mid-price range vacuums. These like their more expensive counterparts offer a number of advantages such as durability, additional features and numerous accessories. On the low-price range you find vacuums designed to perform the core function quite well without all the bells and whistles.

You might wonder whether there are any remarkable vacuums in this low price category. It might come as a surprise to you that some of the best vacuums on the market can be bought for under $200.
Think of the leading vacuum brands such as Shark and Hoover all of them have budget vacuums selling at under $200. It can’t be denied that these devices will hardly out-perform the high-end vacuums. Nevertheless going back to our initial question “Are Budget Vacuums Good for Cleaning Carpet?” the answer is a resounding yes.


These cheaper devices have all the vital components necessary for cleaning your carpet. They might not have extremely high suction power like the more expensive devices but they still come with reasonable capacity to get rid of common household dirt and pet hair.

We can therefore safely say that with proper guidance and background research you can get a good budget vacuum for your home or office. With these cost-effective appliances you can clean your carpets nicely and get excellent results.

Sammy Dolan is the author and owner of the blog at Home Clean Expert. He is currently in the process of juggling home renovation, working and coming up with new ways of making life exciting for his family.

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