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Carpet Stain Removal

Pocka Dola Carpet Stain Removal MelbournePocka Dola is the best carpet stain removal company in Melbourne.  Our Melbourne Stain Removal Specialists are highly skilled with the tools and expertise to help you with all your carpet stain treatment needs.  Pocka Dola’s Carpet Stain Removal Service Melbourne is the way, call us now on (03) 9111 5619. You’ll be glad you did!

When you need to remove household stains, medicine stains or cosmetic stains; Pocka Dola’s Carpet Stain Removal Service Melbourne is for you.

However, we cannot guarantee the result of every stain removal because this depends upon the type and age of the stain and the fabric type of your carpet.  Carpet Stain Removal Service Melbourne is recommended for tough stains such as food stains, beverage stains and pet stains.  Our Melbourne Stain Removal Specialist will assess the stain affected area and inform you of the probable outcome but rest assured Pocka Dola’s Carpet Stain Removal Service Melbourne will leave your carpets cleaner, stain free and with a fresh aroma you’ll never forget Pocka Dola.  Our carpet stain removal treatment is an alternative and economical investment to a carpet replacement for you and your Melbourne home.

Carpet Stain Removal Service Melbourne

Coffee: Home Remedy

First, test your product solution on a secluded area of your carpet for colourfastness.  If the colour of your carpet is affected do not use this product solution.  Look for a manufacturer’s creditability code on your product solution and read the ingredient section to be sure it does not contain any bleaching agents.  Use a clean dry towel to blot the coffee affected area.  In small amounts apply cold water to the affected area, then blot and repeat if necessary.  Add 1/4 teaspoon of liquid dishwashing detergent into a cup of lukewarm water, mix well then pour into a spray bottle.  Spray the coffee affected area with the solution.  Be sure not to use automatic dishwasher detergent or laundry detergent because these can damage your carpets.

Use a sponge, cloth or brush to work the solution deep into the affected area.  Begin with light strokes around the edges of the stain making your way towards the centre.  As you reach the centre without rubbing the stain against the surface of the carpet, lightly pinch in an upward motion.  Rinse out the contents of the spray bottle and replace it with lukewarm water.  Spray the coffee affected area with the lukewarm water.  Blot, dry and repeat if necessary.  To avoid leaving a sticky residue that will attract dirt like a magnet be sure to rinse the spray bottle completely of its contents.  Allow the carpet to dry and give it a good vacuum before use.

If the stain remains after 24 hours apply a small amount of 3% hydrogen peroxide to a clean cloth.  Work the solution using the edge-to-centre technique.  Repeat if necessary then rinse and blot the area.  Finally, allow the carpet to dry.

Pocka Dola’s Stain Removal Service Melbourne is the way.  Call us now on (03) 9111 5619 for your entire stain removal needs.  You’ll be glad you did!

Pocka Dola Carpet Cleaning Melbourne – Best Carpet Cleaning Company In Melbourne

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