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8 Unbelievable Things You Never Knew About Choosing Bathroom Tiles

While building a home you have so many things to choose from. After having your dream home built, it gets to the time for choosing the tiles. In the bathroom, having beautiful tiles will increase the beauty of your home and also make you comfortable when taking showers and taking calls. There are a wide variety of tiles to choose from. They range from the floor, walls to feature tiles. The types are either ceramic or porcelain. There are also different designs and a wide range of colors. Choosing the right kind of tiles that best suits your bathroom can be a little challenging.


To begin selecting your bathroom tiles. You need to spend some time to discover the types of tiles you love according to your design. Selecting your bathroom will become a priority due to the fact that you need to take a bath every day or take the call of nature. Here are some researched tips when choosing your bathroom tiles:


To start, everyone has an idea of the design they want to include in their bathroom. Take that idea whether it is complex or as simple as possible. When you have selected a design either multicolored or one colored with different designs the idea you have is important because it is the base of your design. You can also go to a store and choose a design you feel is the best. After that you can create a pattern according to the color and design selected.

sketch of a bathroom plan


Do not overdo the design with so many different types of tiles. You should consider a maximum of three types of bathroom tiles. This is important because the color and design will be continuous. Your first choice of tile you consider as a must have will act as the center of your pattern and color. Every other design must be related to the one you began with. If your first tile is a plain tile with no color, choose another with more color or even one with the smaller size of scale.

While choosing your bathroom tiles break the rules a little or even a lot. Have the idea in your mind. In the bathroom, you can choose the wall tile, the floor tile and in addition a tile that acts as the center. You can select a different color for each but they must come into one focus. An example is a bright color on the walls, a little dull color on the floor and whether you want to add to the wall or floor or both, the third pattern can be a mixture of light and dull color.


While there are many designs of tiles in the world today you should stick to one design. Don’t make it too expensive but ensure they add the charm. Experimenting with designs is good but they may spoil your design in the long run. When you choose a specific pattern it makes your design timeless. This can be the wow factor in your bathroom. With a specific pattern, the designs won’t be competing but will come together to form one beautiful pattern.

The colors should be neutral throughout the bathroom. The backside of the shower can act as a center point with a very specific and unique design. I would suggest a very neutral color and design on the wall and a fancy design on the floor this makes it very awesome and beautiful.


If you don’t like repetitive cleaning especially the bathroom you should consider choosing stress-free cleaning tiles. For this you should probably choose porcelain or ceramic as they are really easy to maintain. Since this is a wet place there is need to ensure you don’t stress cleaning. Tiles that have been made from stone are porous and needs sealing because they attract and hold more dirt. If it is your desire to add a little stone to your design you should consider adding it to the less wet areas. There is also glass tiles which are beautiful and very slippery. These are usually applied on the walls.


If you decide to choose the large scale tiles place it in small rooms. This will make the bathroom feel spacious. Smaller bathroom tiles on small bathrooms when joined together make up grout lines. The more the small tiles fit the mode the bathroom will feel boxed, while choosing large tiles ensure they are not too big to crack.

If you decide to choose large tiles I would recommend them on the floor while on a smaller section of the wall of a focal point place smaller tiles. This makes the design look good and spacious. Mosaic tiles are small and can be applied to different places. They are small and together and make up an awesome design.


There are basic rules to colors. If you have a small space you can make it look larger and if you have a large space you can make it look smaller. In the case of the ceiling, they are always white or bright colored in many places. This is because it does not provide a visual stop. Bright tiles always reflect light for maximum reflection. You should consider adding a bright feature to your bathroom design. It is always good to mix one bright color and a dull color.


Diagonal tiles work well in small sized bathrooms. They make the bathroom look larger than it already is. Subconsciously it is easy to count tiles that are straight than those that are diagonal. Diagonally placed bathroom tiles add vibrancy to the small bathrooms. The disadvantage to this is that it is hard to cut the tiles.

diagonal tiles


There are a lot of great designs for bathrooms out there. You can find them on magazines and generally the internet. You can get ideas from your research to ensure you get the best holistic build for your bathroom. Also, have a color scheme in mind as you do your research. There are great colors like white and gray and brown. These are the colors mostly used but don’t be afraid to expand, there are no rules.


As a home owner, you should consider getting the best out of your bathroom. The feeling of getting into your bathroom should be a feeling of calmness and the wow factor. While you design you can try out different combinations and make a beautiful home. Make the bathroom a beautiful place to stay in and enjoy your design.

Lori Longoria is a writer. An interior designer. An artist. An entertainer. AND a person who genuinely loves interior design and the people in it.


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