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Benefits of a Clean Bathroom Exhaust Fan

Research has shown that a high percentage of people shopping for a house consider a bathroom exhaust fan a top priority. This is because these fans usually pull air from the bathroom space into the ventilation system that further drives it outside. With a variety of designs, types and features, you can choose any fan depending on the size of your bathroom and the amount of money you have.

You can also base your decision on how much room the fan can cover and how much noise it makes. The major types of fans include ceiling fans, which are usually placed on the ceiling, wall mounted fans that are placed on the walls, inline fans that are perfect for those with limited spaces since they are placed between ducting and combination units, which can have additional features such as heat and light features. They all come at different prices making them suitable for people for all lifestyles.

bathroom exhaust fan

Installation of these fans are usually easy since all you need is a strategic place that will enable maximum extraction of air from the bathroom with the shortest distance to the vents going outside. Longer distances and more folds in the vents can reduce the efficiency of the fan by reducing the amount of air it sucks from the bathroom. Apart from distance you also need to consider whether the toilet is in the bathroom, in which case the fan should be between the shower and the toilet, as well as the general structure and layout of the room. Whatever type of fan you choose to install make sure it has all the basic features and can last long so you get value for your money.

Like every other home appliance bathroom exhaust needs regular cleaning to keep it in good shape. This is a simple task that you can handle alone starting with the removal the fan cover and wiping it clean. If it’s too dirty consider soaking it in warm water for a few minutes before gently scrubbing and wiping it. Follow this by removing the fan from the wall after unplugging it from the power source.

Clean the fan by wiping with a wet piece of cloth ensuring you cover all the corners on the blades as well as the motor assembly. You need to be careful not to break anything or cut yourself on the sharp corners. Take as much time as you need don’t be in a hurry. If the vent and the fan housing are also dirt, clean them before putting back the fan. You can use the dusting attachment on a vacuum cleaner to dust off the fan housing and the motor. Return the fan to its place and cover it up. Make sure you place it correctly before securing the cover.

A clean exhaust fan usually has many benefits that can translate into physical wellbeing as well as durability of the structures. Some of the benefits of a clean bathroom exhaust fan include:

Reduces Maintenance Expenses

One of the major factors that drive people to renovate or remodel their bathrooms is moisture. Excessive moisture can cause paint to peel off causing the need for repair which always requires extra costs. Having a clean exhaust bathroom fan will ensure your bathroom gets enough circulation reducing chances of moisture building up on the walls, cabinets and even the ceiling. It also reduces chances of any metal utility in the bathroom getting rusty from the excess moisture. This further reduces the need to replace items that are damaged from rust.

reduce moisture

Maintains Freshness

It’s always important to keep your bathroom smelling fresh especially if you have a toilet in the same room. However this can be challenging if multiple people in your household share the same bathroom. In such a case even air fresheners can become ineffective creating the need for exhaust fans. A dirty exhaust fan can also be less efficient than a clean one. Any bad odor in your bathroom can be eliminated faster with a clean fan thereby saving you any embarrassment from guests who use your bathroom.

maintain freshness

Reduces Bacteria in the Bathroom

Molds and other bacteria have the capacity to build up in bathrooms over time especially when you don’t have an exhaust fan or the one you have is dirty. This is sometimes evident in the discoloration of bathroom walls, blackish residue on the tubs or even on the tiles among others. Breathing air contaminated by these bacteria can have dangerous health risks to everyone using the bathroom. A clean fan will ensure that air circulating in the room stays fresh by eliminating dampness thereby reducing chances of bacterial build up.

Maintains Bathroom Mirrors

Mirrors have a tendency to become foggy after a hot shower. This requires that you wipe them every time you’re done and even so they remain with streaks. The constant wiping can be hectic and annoying yet leaving them can lead to damage. A clean exhaust fan removes steam and humidity in the bathroom after every shower thereby keeping your mirrors clean. This also helps any fabric you may have in the bathroom. Shower curtains and towels also benefit the same way from clean fans.


In general, clean bathroom exhaust fans give your entire home an improved air quality since air from your bathroom can spread to other rooms especially the bedroom. Other than maintenance costs they help reduce the costs you may incur in case a member of the family gets ill from the dampness in the bathroom especially asthma attacks and other respiratory problems. In addition, chances of your bathroom appliances being damaged easily also reduce increasing their durability and reducing the costs of replacements.

All these are cost benefits that arise from installing exhaust fans and keeping them clean. Other benefits include a more cozy and elegant bathroom which can translate to an improved quality of the whole house. Social benefits can also arise from having clean exhaust fans in the bathroom. The quality of air these fans bring to your home will make your home more livable and comfortable, which can result in improved self-esteem. Installing these fans may seem like an uphill task but it’s actually a good investment as shown by the many health and cost benefits. You can read more about bathroom exhaust fans here: .

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