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How To Clean And Prepare Your Carpets Before Storing Them

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Carpets are a home accessory which adds character to space and also emits comforting vibes to the inhabitants. During winter they keep your feet warm, you can sit on them and cosy up with your partner or you can play with your child or pet while sprawling. Because of the close contact you have with your carpets you must clean it regularly and thoroughly without destroying its structure or threading. The manner and method used for cleaning are especially important if you plan to store your carpets for a certain period of time.

That’s why you may want to have a look at these techniques and advice to store your carpets properly and responsibly so you can enjoy your carpets for many years to come.

First Comes The Vacuuming

Vacuuming will remove dirt and dust from your carpet but how effectively depends entirely on the carpet-type and its position in your home. It’s usually inconvenient to do but always advisable and better to remove your shoes when walking on the carpet.

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It’s important to vacuum both sides to catch the excess dirt. If you don’t have a wire mesh to hang your carpet outside or any other clean place to spread it out roll it up for the time being and vacuum the floor first, remove all the dust from it, unroll your rug and start vacuuming.  

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Never Use Aggressive Cleaning Agents

There are a lot of cleaning agents on the market specifically designed for carpets but not all of them are appropriate. Some can produce toxic fumes and others can destroy colour or eat through materials. Even though water and light detergent are usually the best choices consider giving some extra money for eco-friendly and green carpet cleaning products. To wash your carpets effectively use a soft brush and never apply too much pressure. Before you decide to use any product on your carpet read the label or check with the manufacturer for the instructions.

Carpets Must Be Completely Dry For Storage

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Never store a carpet that’s still wet or damp doing that will most certainly ruin your carpet. Depending on the material storing a remotely damp carpet will cause it to decompose and leave a dangerous residue. Hang your carpet outside to dry in the sun or lay it flat inside in front of a heat source.

Always Spray Your Carpet With Insect Repellent

Carpet beetles are real their larvae feed on dust and lint as well as animal hairs and can damage your carpets. Great news for those owning nylon, acrylic or polyester carpets – beetles won’t touch them. Carpets made of natural fibres are a feeding source for moths. Although synthetic carpets are beetle-proof they can’t avoid insects thriving on food residues, spills and your pet’s dander. You can purchase insect repellent sprays designed to eradicate these pests or you can use a mix of vinegar and water.      

Store Your Carpets Properly

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If you don’t store your carpets properly all the cleaning would be for naught. When checking to see if your carpet is dry place it on a clean even surface before you roll it up. Contrary to popular belief carpets must not be wrapped in plastic but in craft paper available in stores. The safest choice would be to look for a storage facility like supercheapstorage. Make sure your carpet is stored in a clean and humid-free place without the possibility of damage from pests.

If You Decide To Hire A Cleaning Service

If you think you can’t clean your carpets the right way then don’t try it at all the slightest mishap can be costly. Alternatively, find a carpet cleaning service which can clean your carpets and trust them to take care of it. Before you choose a carpet cleaning service do your research, there are a lot of cleaning services on the market so you can choose one that suits you. Some carpet cleaning services will roll and wrap up your carpets so the only thing left for you to do is store them.

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Never underestimate the importance of fresh and clean carpets. Not only is it healthy for you it makes your home look great and stylish. Living with dirty carpets is irresponsible and lazy especially if you inherit or own a high-quality masterfully woven piece of carpet. So don’t neglect that little treasure of joy beneath your feet, have a seat and take pleasure in owning it.

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