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Carpet in the Bathroom: How to Choose it?

Although having a carpet or a rug in the bathroom isn’t such a simple and practical solution a great number of people still make this bold choice as a way to elevate the design of their home-spas. Not only will a carpet in your bathroom keep your feet warm it will also create a cosy and layered look that exudes authenticity. If you decide to take this step and experiment with your bathroom design there are several things you need to consider beforehand.

1. Choose the right materials

When choosing a carpet for your bathroom one of the most important aspects you need to consider is the material. Considering that bathrooms can get quite humid you need to find an appropriate material that will be suitable for the bathroom conditions. You should go with manmade materials such as polyester, nylon or polypropylene (olefin) because they are stain- and mildew-resistant. Under no circumstances should you opt for natural materials especially wool because they will quickly become ruined. A carpet made of wool will soak in all the moisture and it will take you ages to clean and dry it. You should look for a carpet especially designed for the bathroom use.

2. Keep it clean

If you’ve decided to add a carpet to your bathroom you should know that it’s the perfect place for mould growth. Carpets in general are home to numerous toxins and allergens but carpets in bathrooms are at greater risk of developing mould because of the moisture. Thus, you need to deep clean and maintain yours meticulously and on a regular basis. In addition, make sure to find out which approach is the most suitable and efficient for washing and maintaining your carpet. Consider getting a washable carpet that you can just pop into your washing machine. Furthermore, you should remove any stains or moisture quickly to prevent mildew from growing. You can invest in a wet vacuum cleaner especially designed to soak in liquid spills and floor puddles.

3. Consider installing a subfloor

Installing a subfloor is a perfect solution that will help you keep your bathroom dry and prevent mould growth. Combined with a layer of dimpled polyethylene, a concrete subfloor will eliminate moisture by allowing air flow between the floor and the carpet. Although this requires a bit more work it’s an effective solution for bathroom carpeting. You can also go with cement backer board for wet areas if a concrete subfloor isn’t an appropriate option for your bathroom.

4. Use it as a fashionable feature

Before buying this bathroom accessory you should consider which size and design will fit into the general ambient. In addition, you should decide in advance where the carpet will be placed. You can always place it near the tub or shower. Well-chosen carpets combined with lovely bathtubs are a perfect match that will make for a stunning detail in the bathroom. If you properly combine these two elements all you have to do is add just a few accessories and you’ve got yourself a perfectly designed bathroom that exudes elegance and glamour. A chic carpet will add a touch of style to your bathroom, elevate its décor and create an atmosphere of authenticity. You can use it to add a pop of colour or introduce an interesting pattern, making a true design statement.

5. Add it as a safety solution

If you have small children or elderly parents, adding a carpet to your bathroom can be a practical and safe option. Apart from creating an atmosphere of comfort and warmth it will reduce the risk of injuries. Your children or elderly household members will be less likely to slip on a wet surface. However, make sure that the carpet is appropriately placed to eliminate the risk of tripping on the carpet itself.

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