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How to Take Care of Your Office Carpets?

Even though office carpets are a bit more durable than the ones designed for homes they can also suffer wear and tear if you don’t take proper care of them. They should be cleaned regularly because of the heavy traffic in offices and hallways at work. There are many reasons why and many tips on how you should maintain your office carpet so pay attention.

Why should you clean them?

If you’re wondering why is it so important to clean office carpets the most obvious answers are health and appearance. Carpets accumulate a lot of dirt, dust and other airborne substances over time that can increase allergy attacks and consequently sick days. When it comes to appearance it’s important for both your employees and customers. A clean workplace can boost productivity and happiness of your employees. Also a clean office is the perfect place for doing business. The lifespan of your carpet is another thing that greatly depends on proper maintenance. If its fibers are full of dirt it will absorb things much easier which means you will have to replace it much sooner. Regular cleaning improves the lifespan of your carpet which means that it will stay in good condition longer.

How to clean them?

Here you have three choices. You can hire janitorial services, cleaning services or professional carpet cleaners. The first two will take care of your daily cleaning tasks such as taking out the trash, doing some dusting and vacuuming your carpets. However they are not offering in-depth carpet cleaning. It’s smart to hire professionals from time to time who are equipped with the best and strongest vacuums and have knowledge on how to properly handle your carpets. Also make sure you inform the company about the size of your carpets since you don’t want them to come with small machines and stay longer than needed because they were not properly informed.

When should you clean them?

If you’re planning to hire professional carpet cleaners you can do that once a year. This of course will depend on the condition of your carpets and the traffic in your office. It’s best to professionally clean high traffic areas every 4-6 months. On the other hand if you’ve spilled some juice or black coffee it’s best to clean those stains as soon as possible. The longer you wait the more difficult it gets to remove the stain plus it will cost more money and take more time. If you’re not sure how often should you get your carpets cleaned you can ask a professional for advice. They can assess the most problematic areas and make your office carpet look fresh and clean.

How to additionally protect them?

If you want to protect your carpet from wear and tear, dirt and damages, you can try some of these tips. Keep in mind that your office furniture may leave some dents in the carpet, so it might not be a bad idea to use plastic guards or mats to additionally protect it. Also you can place a second rug at your office entry. This will decrease the amount of mud and dirt people bring on their soles from the outside which will keep the indoor air quality at optimal levels.

Now that you see how important keeping your workplace clean actually is you can start taking better care of it which will benefit everyone that works in or visits your office.

Emma B. Joyce is a blogger based in Australia. She is a true home decor and DIY fanatic. Emma is interested in music and also is a big reading enthusiast. Finding new designs and patterns is her daily task. She got hooked on home accessories and decorations during her travelling and now cannot stop searching for new inspirations.


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