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How to Select the Right Carpet

When choosing the right carpet for your home you should think beyond its colour or fluffiness – getting a carpet that suits your needs is a bit more complicated than that. Besides different styles, carpets come in a variety of materials and densities so the most important thing is to find an option that’s both stylish and functional not to mention easy to maintain. Here are a few guidelines to help your when you go carpet shopping.

Express your style

Choosing the carpet colour and style and implementing it into your interior design style is a form of art and not everyone can manage it successfully. Luckily there are plenty of on-campus and online courses you can take to acquire the skills about interior design. Carpets bring a final touch to every room so search for the right colour or pattern until you’re completely satisfied. Once you learn a thing or two about interior design you can even design your own carpet and make sure it expresses your style. As for the colours that are easy to maintain – darker shades hide stains more effectively but they also fade away more quickly so choose wisely.

Find your height

One of the carpet’s most important specifications is pile height. If you’ve ever paid attention to carpets that can be found in public spaces – offices, airports, banks – you’ve probably noticed they have a very short pile. These kinds of carpets are easily cleaned and can tolerate heavy foot traffic. Those are level loop carpets and they’re the most durable option. Cut-and-loop and multilevel carpets may vary in height so make sure you take a closer look at it before purchasing. Longer-pile rugs are easily crushed so make sure you don’t put them under furniture. Shorter pile rugs on the other hand are stronger and last longer so use them in your living room, hallways and other high-traffic areas in your home.

Get the density right

Density is determined by the thickness of the fibres and how tightly packed they are. That’s why choosing density seems easy – the denser the rug the more resilient to crushing it will be. On the other hand high-density fabrics are harder to clean and that’s where things get complicated. Carpet density ranges from 1000-7000 and interior design experts suggest that density rate 2000 or more is perfect for homes. Go denser for high-traffic areas and if you’re worried about cleaning it – be smart about materials and colours. Also, vacuum clean regularly, use high-quality cleaning products and don’t hesitate to call the professionals every once in awhile.

Choose the right material

Carpets come in a variety of materials – from synthetic to natural fibres but not all of them are easy to maintain. Carpets made from synthetic fibres such as nylon and polyester are now designed to be stain-resistant and they serve as perfect look-alikes for natural fibres. Nylon is far more resilient than polyester though it can be crushed many times it will always regain its previous shape. Wool on the other hand is great for heavy traffic and it’s environmentally-friendly but it can be pricey and stains easily. Sisal carpets are resilient and great for stairs, but hard to maintain so make sure you choose the carpet in accordance to your needs.

Finally, remember searching for the perfect carpet is like a journey it takes time and patience but once you find it you’ll be sure it’s the one. Consider all the things listed above, count your preferences and good luck!

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