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Ways to Clean Emergency Party Spills

Everyone loves to party. It is a way to release stress and all that energy accumulating inside your body. Parties are usually held in disco clubs, yet lately home parties have gained significant increase in popularity. Seems like an easy job to organize a party at home. Those who tried it won’t agree; in fact, most people who have organized house parties will tell you that it requires much more work than you originally think. The worst part is cleaning afterwards, and taking care of all those spills around the house and your furniture. Listed below are several things you can do to clean the spills effectively.

Avoid getting glass rings on wooden surfaces

The most common thing involving drinks and wooden tables is the ring mark. If not cleaned on time, these can leave permanent stains on your wooden furniture. During a party, everyone will leave their glass on the table or any other counter. To protect the surface from getting stained simply use coasters. For additional protection use wax paper to cover the wooden surface and protect it from getting stained.

Protect your floor

Once the party starts guests will arrive and make their way around the house. As the party heats up people will move around and dance. Drinks will be spilt and your floor will get really messy. This is a huge problem in case you have a wooden floor or some rare tiles. If you have a very expensive floor the best way to protect it is by getting some cheap rugs. You can find these in your local stores or online. Cover your floor and protect it from all accidental spills.

Protect your furniture

When parties become wild and out of control people usually don’t pay attention to where they place their drinks. Also, when the dancing music goes on someone may accidentally spill their drink all over your furniture and carpet. To protect your furniture consider covering it with nylon. Another thing you can do is buy seat covers and place them over your furniture. If you have an expensive carpet or rug you are in a lot of trouble. The best way to clean after party spills is by hiring professionals to do it for you. They will make sure that all the stains are removed and your carpet is as good as new.

Remove wine stains

Among the most common stains are without a doubt wine stains. Since wine is a popular alcoholic drink it is always present at parties. Removing a wine stain is an easy procedure and the stain should be removed as soon as spotted. Simply pour vinegar over the stain and let it sit for a minute; after that use a clean and dry cloth to remove the stain. Another way of removing a red wine stain is by using baking soda or white wine. Speaking of white wine it is easily removed with vinegar or baking soda.

Removing coffee stains

Another common stain is a coffee stain. If you have a coffee stain on a wooden counter or table use fizzy water to remove it. If the stain is on your couch or any other furniture you will have to use cleaning detergent to remove the stain. But act quickly for the longer the coffee stays on the couch the greater are the chances of it leaving a stain deep into the furniture.

It is important to check for stains after every party. Make sure you clean the ones from your furniture and floor quickly and use these tips to protect your wooden counters and floors properly.


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