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Should You Clean Your Carpet Yourself or Hire a Pro?

Carpets are one of the hardest areas to clean in a house. They absorb and accumulate months of dust and take note of every person who has ever walked into your home. This is why they deserve your special attention and a special spot on the cleaning itinerary.

Dusty Carpets

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While anyone who cares to keep their carpets and rugs clean and vacuums them at least once a week, this does not completely remove dust and allergens on your floor. Duct particles tend to stick between carpet-fibers so vacuuming does not always do the trick. If you are determined to clean the carpets yourself, vacuum the carpet then take the carpet outside for a good beating and then vacuum it again. For wall-to-wall carpets I recommend professional carpet cleaners who have industrial carpet cleaning equipment.

Stain Removal

You can easily make your own carpet cleaner by mixing vinegar, baking soda and some warm water in a spray bottle. Once you have vacuumed your carpets spray a large amount of the liquid onto the carpet and use a towel to dab the stain. It is very important to dab and not rub starting from the edges of the stain toward the center. This tip along with other stain removal tips are available online and shared by professionals. While this is a perfect solution for your average stain, cleaning stubborn stains can cause a larger stain. Professional carpet cleaners have experience with many different type of stains so  they will not fall into this trap.

Steam Cleaning

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Using a vapor steam cleaner is a very effective way of cleaning your carpets. To do this properly you must vacuum the area first. For those who have pets or long hair use a vacuum cleaner with a motorized brush to remove hair from your carpet. A steam cleaner intended for cleaning hard surfaces like tiles and wooden floors with an adapter for cleaning carpets won’t work. This type of machine will leave little balls of hair all over your carpets. An industrial carpet cleaning machine will not make this mistake.

Hot Water Extraction

Hot water extraction machines pump hot water into the carpet while extracting dirt, dust and grime. People like to call this steam cleaning but this process utilizes hot water and not vapor so there is no steam. While there are household machines available on the market which do the same job sometimes they simply are not powerful enough to extract dirt. They are not powerful enough to extract water from the carpet which can create mold and can cause the carpet to rot.

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People have been cleaning their carpets for years so I am sure it can be done. Professional carpet cleaners can clean your carpets effectively and efficiently. There is no need to put your carpet or your family at risk to save a couple of dollars when there are people trained to do it the best way possible.

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