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5 Steps To Keeping Your Carpet Clean And Safe During A Move

Everyone wants their deposit back and landlords usually make it hard to get. Damaged carpet is an expensive fix and moving can take a hard toll on your carpet. If you want your house or apartment to look like you were never there when the next occupant is set to move in you’re going to need a plan to keep your carpets looking and smelling fresh.

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1. Start By Pre-Moving

In order to access all of your carpet you’re going to need to get as much stuff out as possible. If you’re moving long distance and you have boxes or furniture ready for shipping and delivery get those things out of the way first. It will be easier to clean and contend with the rest of the stuff you’re moving when you can get as much out of the way as possible.

2. Don’t Drag Anything

For the things you’re moving in a vehicle you can probably put most of them in boxes. Larger pieces of furniture won’t fit into a box – it needs to be moved out of the house by someone. While it’s tempting to drag heavy items, don’t. The legs of desks, tables or dressers can tear or snag your carpet especially if they’re heavy. You can also damage tile and hard wood floors so you’ll want to protect these things before you even begin to move them.

If you can’t lift a large piece of furniture up all on your own and it needs to be dragged get moving pads to put beneath the feet. If you do drag them there won’t be anything sharp pulling against the carpet. You can also load it up onto a wheeled cart – wheels are less likely to scrape and snag.

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3. Have A Dirt Strategy

Everyone is going to be walking in and out on moving day. You’re packing up your moving truck and you’re probably wearing athletic shoes. All of that going in and out can track dirt into the house so cleaning before you move everything out may not be the best idea. Discourage the people who are helping you move from wearing their shoes in the house. Place everything on the front porch or near the front door. Then put your shoes on to move those boxes to your truck. Take your shoes off, move more things near the door, and then put them back on again when it’s time to pack the truck.

4. Survey For Damage And Problem Areas

When everything has been moved out you’ll be able to fully assess what your carpet looks like. You might have had a stain hiding under the couch or you might find a small corner behind a dresser where the dog did some scratching. Peeled carpet can be reattached to the tack strip and if necessary a small portion of the tack strip can be replaced without having to tear up all of the carpet. Stains can be spot treated and left to sit for a few hours.

5. Do A Deep Clean Last

When everyone is finally done going in and out it’s time to shampoo the carpet. Whatever happens after you’ve officially moved out is no longer your responsibility so now is the best time to get your carpet clean knowing that it won’t be disturbed again. Carpet on stairs might require special methods and a little extra time so plan to be very thorough in that area.

If your carpets need a lot of help it might be worth contacting a professional carpet cleaner. If you find that they won’t clean up no matter what you do get an expert on your side. Calling in an expert might cost money but if the cost is less than your security deposit you’re still going to come out ahead.

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