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Outdoor Decor Alert: Say Hello to Stylish Rugs

Outdoor rugs

Rugs are quickly becoming one of the most important features of outdoor space decor. Many designers even choose to start their project by picking the rug and then building the decor around it because it can serve as a great focal point of your whole space. And since Australian spring is the perfect time of the year to add a little twist to your outdoor space here’s a little guide on how to choose an outdoor rug that fits all your needs.

Choose a perfect pattern

One of the first aspects that requires attention when talking about choosing outdoor rugs is the pattern and the colour. The colour should complement your outdoor space, decoration and other patterns you have present and turn it into an attractive and well-thought-out haven. However you don’t want your rug to blend in too much and disappear completely. For instance if you own outdoor furniture in neutral colours such as white, black or grey a good idea is to opt for a black or blue rug with contrasting stripes. However if you have furniture made of natural wood a solid colour rug in orange or red will create a beautiful contrast.

Fit it perfectly

Besides the pattern and colour you have to choose the appropriate size of your outdoor rug as well. Opt for a rug that will complement not overshine your design. Here are some tips when it comes to sizes and shapes. If you have small outdoor furniture (just a chair and a small coffee table) a circular rug should be your number one choice. On the other hand bigger furniture sets look perfect when paired with bigger rectangular rugs that make the space look coherent. For instance combine The Furniture Shack outdoor dining furniture with a lovely rectangular rug and you’ll have an outdoor sanctuary to enjoy with friends and family. However if you’re looking for a rug for the entrance or the front steps small accent rugs and doormats have just the right size that will not overpower the space.

Keep it clean

Clean rugs regulary

Every time you put something outside you have to know that it will get dirty faster than your indoor things. There are materials that are easier to keep clean and maintained. Hard fibre rugs such as bamboo or jute are dirt-and-stain-resistant and require minimal maintenance. Still if you want your rugs to look attractive and have a long life you should vacuum them regularly at least once every two weeks. But if you neglect them for too long a simple vacuum might not be enough so you should call professionals to help you.

Look for weather-resistant rugs

If you’re planning on leaving your rug outside all year round you should consider getting weather-resistant rugs (especially if your weather is known to get a bit humid). A moisture-proof rug will resist mildew and mould and stay pretty no matter the weather. However if you live in a particularly sunny climate rugs with a UV-resistant coating might be just the right choice for you since they will not fade in scorching heat.

Mix and match with accessories

Your rug should also match your other accessories. For example if you love greenery and have a variety of terracotta planters, a turquoise, navy or tangerine rug will complement them perfectly. However if you opted for a more contemporary planter style with metallic accents a contrasting black is the way to go. You can also add some interest with patterned pillows and cushions. Combining patterns is allowed as long as you know the rules.

Perfect for kids

An outdoor rug is a great idea if you have kids running around. Throw some pillows on the rug for extra softness and let them safely play in the fresh air while you’re enjoying your cup of coffee.

If you pick an outdoor rug that is functional, practical, durable and stylish you’ll never want to leave your outdoor space.

Chloe is an art historian, recreational ballet dancer and a contributor at She is passionate about photography, writing, and music. Chloe also enjoys researching, learning and blogging about interiors, sustainable design, home maintenance and various art related topics since she is crazy about aesthetics.


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