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How To Manage A Carpet Cleaning Business

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Running a carpet cleaning business can be hard work and you can risk losing time and money if you go about it in the wrong way. While there are many challenges associated with running a business, if you are organised and make the right choices, you can easily transform a small carpet cleaning business into something bigger and much more successful. Here are ways you can manage your carpet cleaning business.

Establish Systems

Having an easy-to-follow system in place for every part of your business, whether it’s the physical job of cleaning the carpets, customer interactions or accounting can help you be more successful. Write these systems down so you have a permanent record of them because it will give your business a structure. It not only helps when training and teaching your staff, but it will also make the process quicker and easier for everyone on a day-to-day basis. You should constantly be updating these systems as the business grows and be checking if they are still serving their function.

Ask for Referrals

With a carpet cleaning business, one of the best ways to attract business is through word-of-mouth and satisfied customers. In order to maximise the selling potential of these satisfied customers, make sure to ask for referrals. Most customers will be happy to provide you with a sentence or two if they’re happy with your services. Use these referrals on your website and social media platforms in order to show potential customers that you are trustworthy and efficient.

Use The Digital World To Your Advantage

Running a successful business in this day and age means using modern technology to your advantage. While it can take some time and patience to learn how to use it efficiently, it can be a powerful marketing tool and save you money and paperwork. You can use the digital world as a way of promoting your business online. Building a community on social media gives you a platform to connect with your market and understand their needs and concerns. In the carpet cleaning business visual social media platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest can be used to show your customers how effective your company is at what they do. You can also use the digital world in the everyday running of your business. Rather than wasting time with paper and filing cabinets, consider managing your carpet cleaning business on digital platforms. Use cloud storage such as Google Drive which will allow you to quickly and easily source documents and invoices. You can access information and records no matter where you are.

Make Sure Your Website Reflects Your Company

Part of being in tune with the digital world is having and managing your company’s website. Often this can be the first interaction that your potential customers have with your business and the impression that it makes on them can affect whether or not they choose to use your services. Make sure that your website is effective and communicates all the information a potential customer might be looking for. Your potential customer should be able to identify the services your offer. As well as the ethos of the brand and have a means of contacting you. The website should be engaging, aesthetically pleasing and easy to navigate as well.

Hire Talented Employees

In a business, particularly a small business, your employees have an incredibly important role. They are, in many ways, the face of the brand and their productivity can directly impact the success of the business. For this reason, when hiring staff you should be conscious of who you’re hiring. You should also know what they could offer to your company. When interviewing employees, look for people who believe in what you do, exude professionalism, are team players and understand the industry and the nature of carpet cleaning businesses. For your business to run efficiently, you need to be able to trust your staff, each other and your clients.

Care About Your Staff

Once you’ve hired your star performers, you want to keep them working for you. Managing people can be a challenging part of running a carpet cleaning business. You need to learn to be a good employer in this industry. Always be open with communication and inform your employees of the goals of the business. It’s also important that you value the wellbeing of your employees. Happy, healthy employees are more productive, more motivated and more invested in their work. One way of showing your employees that you care about them is to provide employee perks. Creating a nice working environment helps people enjoy themselves at work more. Consider offering free snacks, areas people can relax or gym memberships to your staff.

Stay In The Know

Managing a successful carpet cleaning business means staying in the know. Firstly know your numbers, keep up-to-date with your accounts, your clients and what is coming up for your business. Also, make sure that you understand what’s going on in your industry. Read industry publications, know your competitors, join associations designed to help cleaning businesses, attend trade shows and maintain a relationship with your suppliers.

Rachel is a mother of 2 beautiful boys. She loves to hike and write about travelling, education and business. She is a Senior Content Manager at Bizset – an online resource of relevant business information.

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