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The Process Of Car Interior Cleaning

Keeping your car interior clean is an important idea and must be considered because it is one of the core features of your car.  In this case, you will need to know how to clean your car the right way so that the end result will be beneficial for you.  It means implementing the right cleaning process will give you the best results so you car interior will look like new again.  The first step is to empty the garbage items out of your car and into the trash.  It means you must throw away all the unnecessary items found inside your car such as gum wrappers, scrap paper, old menus, cans and cigarette ashes.  Make sure all unnecessary items in the back and front seats are emptied out for best results.  In this case, you will need to organize the items you wish to keep in the right place so your car will look clean and the items will be more accessible.  Next, using a cloth you will need to give your car interior a wipe down.  During this process, be mindful to perform the task carefully in order not to scratch the car interior or hit a button that you are unfamiliar with.  Consider using a paper towel and a glass cleaner for wiping down the glass inside your car.  There are some parts of the car interior such as the windshield, the windows, the back window and sun or moon roof, which needs to be cleaned in a particular way.  Next you will need to vacuum the interior of your car in order for it to be 100% cleaned.

Your car is a significant investment.  Taking good care of the car interior will not only make the experience of driving more enjoyable but it will protect the value of the vehicle.  Whatever materials you have in your car you can find products specifically designed to keep them clean and in excellent condition.  Go to any auto parts store or any number of online stores and you can find complete kits that contain everything you will need.  Beyond cleaning products you may want to purchase car interior items like car seat covers and floor mats.  There are some excellent seat covers that not only offer protection but can look beautiful and feel extremely comfortable and good floor mats are another excellent choice for keeping dirt and stains under control.  Items like car organizers that have compartments for all of your “stuff” and garbage containers designed to fit inside the car are also excellent choices for keeping your car interior looking and feeling great.

  1. Before you start cleaning the car’s interior, be sure to keep your important documents and papers in a safe place.  Remove all the garbage, paper, bottles or any other junk from the car.
  2. Take the mats or carpet out of the car and wash them with detergent.  Lay them flat or hang them on a suitable place to dry them out.
  3. Take a vacuum cleaner and vacuum all the interior parts like seats and floors.  Don’t forget to vacuum under the seats and under the pedals.  Vacuum all interior parts so no place is left untouched.
  4. Take a soft brushing tool and attach it to the vacuum cleaner.  Now vacuum the dashboard, stereo and leather seats properly.
  5. Take the upholstery cleaner and use it to clean the doors, seats and even the carpet.  Thoroughly clean all the seats, door upholstery and carpet.
  6. Now using a clean cloth damped with detergent clean the dashboard and dry it with a towel.
  7. You can apply polish to give your dashboard and the other interior components a shine.  However, when polishing your dashboard use a soft brush to avoid scratching it or damaging any other plastic items.
  8. Use a towel to clean the windows of the car.  For this spray a window cleaner or use detergent to clean the windows from the inside.  Wipe your windows clean with a paper towel.
  9. Once you are done with the interior parts replace the mats or carpets back onto the interior floor.

Follow these simple steps and you are well on your way.  Of course there is much more you could do, it all depends on how much time you have and how clean you want your car to be.  The next step would be to detail your interior using certain detergents and cleaners.  Cleaning your interior is not the only important task for keeping your car clean.  Once you are finished cleaning and detailing your car’s interior it is ready to be washed.  It will take some patience to get your car just the way you like it, some people take hours on their cars, start off by following these simple steps to keep your interior and carpets clean and as time permits you can do bigger jobs such as waxing and shining.  Just make sure you pay attention to your car’s interior in order for it to look new and smell clean for years to come.

A car owner should begin cleaning their car from the inside out because a clean interior would definitely mean a more welcoming interior.  Vacuuming is the preferred method for cleaning the car interior, but before beginning remember to remove the mats and seats.  While cleaning the interior, the dashboard should be thoroughly dusted and then the right cleaner should be used for best results.

Know all of the materials that make up the interior of your car.  From leather to various type of plastics you need to be able to identify them in order to use the proper cleaning materials.  When you shop for car care products, be sure you are using the right items for treating the various materials within your interior.  From cloth or leather seats to plastic or metal knobs and dials, the right cleaners will not only clean but also help to reduce the aging of your car’s interior.  Stay away from things that are abrasive in any way because they will become a problem with repetitive use.  Protectants designed for use on older cars are the best.

When shopping for car wash equipment, you should keep in mind car washing requires at least two sets of equipment.  For cleaning the outer surface of cars, you should use a powerful commercial pressure washer, while interior detailing requires carpet cleaners and steam cleaners.  Car washing equipment such as pressure washers offer varied pressure levels and temperature levels among other features.  These machines are known for their fast and effective cleaning.  A pressure washer should have high pressure levels not exceeding 1500 psi if you are washing cars and trucks.  While regular car wash equipment has flow rates of 2-3 GPM, if you have a mobile car washing business, it is better to invest in a machine with low flow rates.  Low flow car washing equipment has flow rates as low as 0.5 GPM.  They emit very hot steam at high pressure (1000-1500 psi) to clean vehicles without using too much water.  There are car washing machines specifically designed for car exterior cleaning.  These machines have, in addition to low flow rates, several advantages such as the ability to melt snow and ice on engines and car exteriors, clean greasy engines, and remove bugs, plant sap, road dust, and other dirt from cars.

Car interior cleaners should never use a steam cleaner for cleaning the exterior of a vehicle.  Steam cleaners, for one, do not have the high pressure levels of pressure washers and are therefore not adequate for degreasing engines, trucks and car surfaces.  Also, these machines use dry vapor along with brushes which forces the user to wipe the car constantly through the cleaning process, resulting in scratches to the painted surface.  However, steam cleaners are great for removing dirt, mold, pollen, pet hair, and food crumbs from car interiors.  A portable steam cleaner can be easily wheeled around and it cleans dashboards, windows, seats and door handles perfectly.  A portable steam cleaner often has temperatures as high as 386°F.  At such high temperatures, spot cleaning carpets is easy and the accumulated mold and grime on various surfaces can be quickly dissolved and wiped off with a towel or removed with detailing tools.  A portable steam cleaner is a great machine for a mobile car washing business and is easily portable around different areas.

A steam cleaner cannot clean the entire upholstery and carpets inside a car.  That’s why auto detailing businesses use carpet cleaners.  These machines may have temperatures as high as 210°F.  Carpet cleaning machines meant for car washing should ideally have wands that are shorter than those found in regular carpet cleaners.  It is recommended you purchase a low flow machine, as they consume less water and make the cleaning process eco-friendly as well as efficient.  Low flow machines enable carpets to dry faster, decreasing the likelihood of mold growth on carpets.  When using carpet cleaners use an eco-friendly detergent.  These detergents are non-toxic, cost effective, and do not cause fires and fumes.  Because they are plant based they are easily biodegradable.  Purchasing the right car washing equipment results in greater savings, enhanced productivity, and higher customer satisfaction.

Making the interior of your classic car look as wonderful as the exterior is a two part process, cleaning and protecting, which need to be given equal priority.  Not only are you looking to remove stains, but you also want to ensure all residue is removed before you apply any kind of polish or finishing compound.  And as importantly as any of these are, you must ensure that the car is stored in the appropriate way so as to keep the interior protected from extreme, harsh weather conditions.  Cleaning as you go along is a worthwhile tip if you regularly use the car – do not give stains or marks a chance to become damaging because once a mark sets in it can lead to ageing that cannot be reversed.

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