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Mattress Cleaning A Growing Demand In Anti-Allergen Services

Sweet sleep is all we want after a long hard day at work.  Mattress cleaning is crucial in achieving this goal.  A simple method is to use a special mattress bag that wraps it up.  Cleaning products are available too.  The best cleaning products should work well with urine stains, accidental spills and other fluids.  Considering the pollution of the modern day proper cleaning is a must.  The numbers of viruses, dusts and mites keep rising.  Some are responsible for diseases such as eczema, asthma, allergies and hay fever.

Since dust mites are so small they are almost impossible to detect with the naked eye.  They create problems when they infest a mattress that is regularly used.  Dust mites like to eat dead skin cells which are regularly sloughed off while we sleep.  While they are busy eating our dead skin cells, they are also depositing fecal matter and creating a breeding ground for mold.  None of those things are healthy for someone to sleep with every night.  The best way to get rid of the miniscule parasites is to use a trusted professional mattress cleaning company for dust mite removal in Melbourne.

If you intend to keep your mattresses clean then you must initiate some steps to keep your family safe even while they are asleep.  Many mattress cleaning products are available in the market.  But if you don’t know much about them or your mattress it is best not to opt for the `Do-It-yourself options.  Moreover, you should cover your mattress with a mattress bag that will wrap your mattress in a protective cover and keep it away from dusts, mites and pet dander.  You should always try to keep your mattress dry no matter what and make sure that you use a good quality mattress cleaner which works well on accidental spills, urine stains and other fluids.  Mattress cleaning is necessary in today’s polluted environment because of an increase in dusts, mites and viruses in our mattress.  As a result proper mattress cleaning is necessary to bring several diseases such as asthma, eczema, hay fever and allergies under control.  These are some of the reasons why proper mattress cleaning is necessary.  In earlier times people used to clean their mattress by dragging it  into the garden and beat it for some time but it doesn’t work because it is a temporarily solution.  Due to the weight and the way these modern mattresses are made they our too heavy to carry outside and are more difficult to clean.  Also, like mentioned earlier it is not a permanent solution and can’t help you get rid of dusts, dirt and germs that is deep set.  Irrespective of whether or not you are suffering from allergies or not, mattress cleaning is necessary so that you use a clean and hygienic bed each day.  There are some professional mattress cleaning services which are available who have expertise in mattress cleaning; they clean the mattress in a professional and hygienic way.   Some of them also use environmentally safe products and solutions to clean your mattress which keep your family, plants and pets safe from contact with chemical sprays and products.

Enter “dust mites” and “mattress cleaning equipment” or “mattress cleaning business” into the search engine of your choice.  Some companies charge $50, $90 or even $230.  Do not pay over $250.  The desire of health organizations’ to educate the public, the “Health and Wellness” movement, the ever increasing indoor pollution effects on our health, free national media exposure, corporate advertising, the need for the service, public awareness of the need for “green” or “environmentally friendly” services, this may very well be the business opportunity for YOU!

Half a dozen or so companies, offer Independent Dealerships which include the specialized mattress cleaning equipment and marketing materials.  Prices range from $250 to $230.  Most companies combine a hand-held vacuum cleaner (with HEPA rated filters) which includes a UVC light built-in to the vacuum cleaner suction port.  Some companies sell a HEPA rated vacuum cleaner (not just HEPA rated filters) with a stand-alone, independently held, UVC light.  The separate UVC light allows for additional revenue streams utilizing the UVGI sterilization capabilities.

If you have been looking at the same old spots on your mattress for weeks, it’s about time to get rid of them.  A small amount of coffee can leave a permanent dark brown colour on your mattress.  Some wines can cause a darker blemish that can be challenging to remove.  Maybe a child spilt some juice on your mattress and you thought the stain would completely disappear but it hasn’t because it appeared to have disappeared but resurfaced weeks later.  If you follow these ideas you can eliminate every stain from your mattress.  One thing you should know first prior to removing the stain is the type of stain you’re dealing with which will help you select the best method of stain removal.  For example, if a stain was caused by a glass of vino, you can blend light laundry soap with water and lightly apply it to the stain.  In the event that your stain has oil in it, absorb it with a sponge or fabric and then work with a mix of dishwashing solution and water to attempt to separate the oil and remove it.  If you have mozzarella, dairy products, hot sauce, or recipe stains spilt on your mattress you must first remove the debris from your mattress.  After you’ve removed the obvious allergens mix white wine, vinegar with warm water and apply it to the stain and spread a number of sponges over the stain.  Do not use bathroom towels because they may become discoloured depending on the mix used to remove the stain.  Newspapers may bleed onto the mattress so never spread newspapers onto the stained mattress.  If you have a bit of food that won’t come off the mattress, use a piece of ice to remove it.  Just apply a bit of ice on the food compound so that it can easily be removed.  If it doesn’t come off, you may have to hire a professional mattress cleaner to remove the debris and the stain.

We have all have been haunted by the commercials claiming millions of bed bugs are sleeping with us at night, so keeping our mattresses clean has become more of a priority for some.  However, in order to get a really good sleep you will need a really good mattress and if your mattress is pretty old you may need to buy a new one.  These mattress cleaning tips should help you keep your mattress clean and sanitized until it’s time to replace it.

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