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Corn Sugar Carpet – A Perfect Carpet Solution for Every Space

Corn sugar carpet is a super carpet that will make other traditional carpet fibers obsolete. It is the only carpet that provides everlasting built-in stain and soil protection. It will never fade. Whereas on other carpet types, stain and soil resistance is only temporary and the carpet must be replaced as time marches on. Corn sugar carpets are not prone to matting down like other carpet fibers. Independent wear testing has shown that corn sugar carpets will not even start to reveal traffic associated wear until about 60K footsteps. Corn sugar carpets have different names, such as Sorona, SmartStrand, Triexta, which are given by the manufacturers who produce these carpets.

Corn Sugar Carpet

Corn Sugar Carpet

Benefits of Corn Sugar Carpet:

  • Permanently Stain Resistant: Corn sugar carpets are permanently stain resistant from inside out. Here the stain resistance is developed within the fiber not the additional coating. In corn sugar carpets fiber itself is hydrophobic (doesn’t absorb liquid easily) so even the tough stains like red wine and ketchup will not pierce through the carpet made with corn sugar. So homes with kids and carpeted kitchen all could benefit from corn sugar carpet. Due to permanent stain resistant these carpets will always look new. These carpets are bleach and UV resistant as well and they minimize color fading.
  • Environment Friendly: Manufacturing of corn sugar carpets requires less energy when compared to nylon carpets and hence it reduces greenhouse emissions. Also no additional chemical treatments are required for stain resistance. Corn sugar carpet contains a renewable component called corn glucose instead of petroleum. This benefits not only the outdoor environment but also your indoor atmosphere. Research so far shows that unlike some other types of carpet fibers corn sugar carpets can be removed and recycled after its beneficial life.
  • Strong and Durable: The unique structure of corn sugar carpets is highly durable. They resist matting because the strands are squash resistant and they do not lose shape and texture even after heavy traffic. The high level of durability makes these carpets suitable for commercial spaces.
  • Pleasantly Soft: Corn sugar carpet is a sustainable carpet with an invitingly soft carpet fiber. It adds comfort to the living room, bedrooms, kitchen, dining room and other spaces inside your home. These carpets offer numerous design possibilities and color choices.
  • Cost: Corn sugar carpets are less expensive than other types of carpets such as nylon. Nylon fiber itself is more expensive to create than corn sugar carpets. That translates to an even more costlier nylon carpet when comparing it to a corn sugar carpet of equivalent quality.
  • Warranties: Usually warranties vary depending on the quality and manufacturer of the carpet. Corn sugar carpets generally offer more comprehensive and longer warranties than other types of carpets such as nylon carpets.


  • Easy Cleaning and Maintenance: Corn sugar carpets are easy to clean. These carpets can be cleaned with just water. This is an added advantage to the environment as it minimizes the possible use of chemical products. Also these carpets are dirt resistant which makes it easier to maintain. These carpets don’t need any special care.
  • Leed Credit Compliant: Corn sugar carpets are available in a number of patterns, designs and colors. This makes them suitable for commercial spaces. That’s why these carpets may help architects and designers gain points which contribute to LEED certification.

With so much innovation built-in it is easy to see why corn sugar carpet is an obvious choice for residential and commercial spaces. It is a beautiful, natural stain resistant, highly durable and sustainable carpet solution that offers the most comfort, pleasant and welcoming atmosphere.

Justin Jersey is a journalist, stylist and blogger. He is a aesthetician by heart who often writes about Art, Fashion, decorating and DIY ideas. He loves sparking creativity and giving them ideas for their own spaces.

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