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5 Ways to Create a Non-Toxic Environment for Your Child’s Play

5 Ways to Create a Non-Toxic Environment for Your Child’s PlayHaving a child can turn your world upside down. Your lifestyle, habits and everything else has to change in order to adapt to the newcomer. Your house is not an exception; in fact, your house is the place that will most likely undergo the biggest change. It’s your responsibility as a parent to create a nontoxic environment for your child in which it can play, grow and learn. If you lack creative ideas or don’t know what to do, listed below are several ways in which you can create a completely nontoxic environment for both your child and your entire family.

Temperature matters

The idea is to keep your entire house well-lit so that enough sunlight can enter your home. However, having too much sunlight inside, especially during blazing summer days increases the chances of SIDS (Sudden infant death syndrome). By placing curtains in darker colors which will absorb the sunlight and prevent the house from warming up. Also, add ceiling fan in or near to your child’s room to reduce the heat generated. Double glazed windows are another great investment. Control the temperature and ensure that it’s within an optimum range.

Get rid of all the toxic toys

Most parents don’t realize how toxic and dangerous toys can be, especially for an infant. Beside the fact that babies tend to put everything in their mouth, having plastic toys in their hands all day long increases the risk of SIDS. Also, swallowing a plastic toy can cause serious health issues, and potentially lead to the worst case scenario. Replace all your child’s plastic toys with wooden or plush ones. That way you create a nontoxic environment and your child still gets to have fun.

Get the right rug

During their early stage of life, children tend to spend a lot of their time sitting and rolling on the floor. In most cases, there is a rug on the floor which generates heat and prevents the child from catching a cold. Rugs should be picked carefully and with a lot of prior research. Your goal is to get a rug that is both good looking and cozy, and will inspire your kid and keep him occupied. Try and avoid all those low-quality ones as they can cause more harm than good. Some of the best kids’ rugs in Australia are made of the finest Indian wool. This gives them an incredible softness and durability. Look for different colors and patterns, so that your child can play and stay warm at the same time. Invest in your child by placing the best rug in his room.

Keep the carpet thoroughly clean

Another thing that keeps collecting the dirt and might endanger your child’s health is the carpet. It is exposed to the dust and particles throughout the entire day. Children love sitting and playing on the carpet, which is why it should be made of natural fibers instead of plastic and other toxic materials. Carpets are great for increasing the comfort within a room, and tend to be stimulating, especially when it comes to studying. As with everything else, carpets have to be taken care of every once in a while. When it comes to vacuuming and deep cleaning your carpet, it’s essential to hire someone like carpet cleaning professionals from Melbourne. They will ensure that the entire carpet is cleaned, and your child’s health won’t be on the line anymore.

Remove the electronics

The biggest mistake most parents do is place an electronic device into their baby’s hands. Tablets, smartphones and other electronic devices are radioactive and affect your child without you realizing it. The consequences are most of the time seen at a later point in their life, but they are inevitable. Save your child the time, and remove all the electronics from their room and the surrounding area.

Your child is your world, which is why you should protect it and ensure that it lives and develops in a healthy environment. Keep the toxicity away from your kid, and do all the necessary steps towards creating a nontoxic environment.


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