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Complaints Policy

This policy has been developed by Pocka Dola PTY LTD in accordance with Pocka Dola PTY LTD’s policies. No legal rights arise under this document.

This policy is applicable to all customers of Pocka Dola PTY LTD and members of public who express a dissatisfaction or grievance with any product or service offered by Pocka Dola Pty Ltd, not including a request for information.

This Complaint Handling Policy aims to:

  • Provide a framework for Pocka Dola PTY LTD employees to work with when handling complaints from customers
  • Provide a framework for customers to understand and work with Pocka Dola PTY LTD throughout the Complaints Handling process
  • Ensure consistency within Pocka Dola PTY LTD in handling and resolving complaints from customers
  • Assist Pocka Dola PTY LTD’s commitment to provide quality products, services and customer service

At Pocka Dola PTY LTD we always aim to deliver exceptional service across all aspects of our business. We understand that sometimes you may feel dissatisfied with our service and you may wish to make a complaint.

Lodging a Complaint

Complaints can be lodged by speaking with the Customer Service Manager who will provide reasonable information and assistance to ensure that complaints are lodged effectively.

Complaints can be lodged by:

  • Phoning (03) 9111 5619 and asking to speak to the Customer Service Manager
  • Via email to
  • By letter addressed to the Customer Service Manager, 6/677 Park Street, Brunswick  VIC 3056

When lodging a complaint, and to ensure Pocka Dola PTY LTD can acknowledge and resolve the complaint as quickly as possible, please provide the following information:

  • Your name
  • Your relationship with Pocka Dola PTY LTD (i.e. the nature of your engagement – customer, landlord, tenant, member of the public)
  • The nature of the complaint (i.e. which department the complaint is directed at, the time and date of the occurrence resulting in the complaint)
  • The details of the Pocka Dola PTY LTD employee or contractor involved (if applicable)
  • Copies of any documentation supporting the complaint

Complaints lodged over the telephone with the Customer Service Manager will be acknowledged immediately. If a message is left the complaint will be acknowledged within 24 hours of the message being left.

Complaints lodged by email or by letter will be acknowledged within 48 hours of receiving them.

If the complaint is lodged after business hours, on a weekend or on a public holiday the complaint will be acknowledged within 2 – 3 business days of being received.

Pocka Dola PTY LTD has established, and will continue to develop, a quality process for the efficient acknowledgement, processing and resolution of complaints.

If your complaint relates to a service or product which is not offered by Pocka Dola PTY LTD we will explain this to you and assist you in a reasonable manner to find the correct action to take to address the issue.


All lodged complaints will be recorded and analysed to ensure that Pocka Dola PTY LTD’s complaint management process is compliant with this policy. This is done in accordance with Pocka Dola PTY LTD’s Privacy policies.

Complaints handling review process

Each quarter complaints will be analysed to identify systemic and recurring trends. Further analysis will be done on trends identified to ensure Pocka Dola PTY LTD is offering improved services to its customers.

Periodically, and at least once a year, the Complaints Handling Policy will be reviewed to ensure it is delivering a quality outcome for customers. This review will be conducted by Senior Management at Pocka Dola PTY LTD and will decide what actions, if any, to take to address identified areas during the review.

Escalation of complaints

Pocka Dola PTY LTD’s main objective is to finalise complaints at first contact.

Where necessary, customers will be kept informed of their lodged complaint and Pocka Dola PTY LTD’s internal escalation process.

Where a customer has exhausted all avenues for addressing a lodged complaint within Pocka Dola Pty Ltd, or finds those avenues unacceptable, they can be advised of external channels for escalating their complaint.

Resolution of complaints

Due to the varying nature of Pocka Dola PTY LTD’s customers each complaint will be thoroughly analysed and a resolution offered based upon the analysis conducted.

Pocka Dola PTY LTD endeavours to fully resolve all complaints within four weeks of complaints being lodged. If for whatever reason the resolution process will take longer than four weeks you will be contacted and updated as to why it will take longer and a foreseeable resolution timeframe.

During the complaint resolution process you reserve the right to request an update on the process of your complaint by phoning or emailing a senior Customer Service Officer or the Customer Service Manager.

Upon resolution of a lodged complaint customers will be informed by phone call or writing of the outcome and the complaint being fully resolved.


If you have any questions regarding this Policy, or your dealings with our web site, please contact us.

Pocka Dola PTY LTD
6/677 Park Street, Brunswick  VIC 3056
(03) 9111 5619

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